July 19, 2018

Aren’t there enough forces in the universe conspiring to remove our personal dignity? It seems that between pebbles in shoes and full-body airport scanners, the universe has this category covered. Why then do so many universities choose to reject credits from transfer students?

Regis University will answer this question the only way we know how: With one of the most generous credit transfer policies in higher education.

A bold statement indeed, backed by tangible proof:

  • You may transfer up to 87 undergraduate credit hours* from regionally accredited schools
  • Your credits will never expire – if they’re on a transcript, we recognize them
  • Our Associate’s to Bachelor’s® Program allows you to complete your bachelor’s in just 1-2 years*
  • You’ll encounter very few fees, helping to keep the cost of attendance down

Generous? Perhaps. But we see it more as recognition. You’ve worked hard for your credits and learned a lot in the process. We’d prefer you spend your time studying the things that matter to you – not repeating core classes over and over again.

Regis University simply wants to help you complete your education and reach your goals. Our generous transfer policies, scholarships and low fees conspire with flexible schedules and online study to offer you private school benefits at prices you expect to find only at a state school. And just to sweeten the deal, we're also offering $500 scholarships through our #RegisInspired program.

First though, you must act on your own behalf. Speak with one of our admissions counselors or fill out an application today. Classes start August 27 so time is generous too – for now!

*Transfer credits and tuition vary by program, and length of program is influenced by the amount of coursework taken each term.