March 23, 2018

Is your office the picture-perfect model of efficiency and friendly collaboration? Unlikely. This bold assumption is based on the fact that humans – who are wonderful, albeit flawed creatures – occupy the majority of your workplace. 

An office full of benevolent, cooperative clones may be über productive on day one, but by day two, you’ll be fresh out of topics for water cooler conversation. 

So why not embrace the inevitable: Your workplace will feature many different personalities, many of which contrast with your own. First, let’s have a little fun at their expense. You’re likely familiar with some of these: 

● The Sidler – takers of undue credit
● Oversharers – pushers of cat photos and worse
● Passive-aggressive personalities – posters of anonymous kitchen notes
● Gossipmongers – have you heard the rumor?  
● Pessimists – I’ll never finish this
● Bullies – you had better finish this
● Braggarts – look at everything I finished
● Slackers – the internet isn’t going to surf itself 

Challenging personalities come in many forms, but the underlying challenge they pose is one and the same: Are you fit for leadership?

Well, are you? Do you see the higher purpose behind the things you’re asked to do? Do you inspire others to do their best work, even under challenging circumstances? Do you calmly hum a favorite hymnal while coworkers debate the proper office temperature and other mind-numbing minutiae?

It sounds like we have a leader on our hands. And where better to polish that potential than right here at Regis University? Match your God-given gifts with the appropriate degree – in business, nursing, education or data science – and watch your professional garden grow.

A conversation with a helpful admissions counselor is an appropriate place to start. But if the true leader in you wants to cut to the chase, by all means start your application now and get ready to move on to better things.