March 23, 2018


For aspiring data scientists who feel the prospect of a higher degree would be a lonely endeavor, we have just the thing: other data scientists.

Starting in January, Regis University is offering the Data Science program on campus as well as online. Adding the warmth of human interaction to the cold, empirical study of data is sure to have positive effects:

  • The ongoing sharing of career insights with fellow colleagues
  • The chance to solve problems as part of a team, rather than flying solo
  • The first ever Regis University Data Science Bobsled Team? (One can only hope.)

If you’re going to solve some of humankind’s more pressing needs, putting yourself in a room full of other humans is a great place to start. Data scientists who know how to collaborate are worthy foes for such challenges – let’s imagine them wearing capes, but not necessarily tights.

Just about every industry – aerospace, insurance, banking, health care, you name it – has realized the value and problem-solving power of data. Meanwhile, many an organization is prepared to handsomely reward people who are adept at interpreting data. In O’Reilly’s 2015 Data Science Salary Survey, the base median salary for data scientists in the U.S. was $104,000 annually, while a Glassdoor survey found the national median to be around $113,000.  This is a chance to launch into a high demand field and collaborate with your colleagues to improve your own future and the lives of those around you. 

So mark your digital calendars for January 2017, when we’ll begin offering our Data Science program on campus as well as online. If you think you’re ready to build a better world through sheer analytical power, apply to our Data Science program. Or better yet, talk to an admissions counselor today.