June 20, 2019

Man with hammer on construction site

The benefits of earning your MBA degree are well documented. Case in point, here are three you’ve likely heard elsewhere:

  • Bountiful opportunities to land a job post-graduation
  • Impressive six-figure starting salaries
  • Adding three letters after your name on LinkedIn

So we won’t waste time alluring you with facts you’re well aware of.

Instead, we’ll point out a glaring deficiency of many MBA programs: Little or no attention paid to soft skills like communication, coaching and collaboration. While these stand in stark contrast to celebrated hard skills like the quantitative know-how of financial supply chain management, they are vital nonetheless. For proof, here’s a study that shows MBA grads tend to underperform in the more nuanced interpersonal abilities while outperforming in classical business skills.

This is a fertile area for MBA grads. True opportunity lies in setting yourself apart with intangibles that demonstrate you can empathize, motivate and coach others onto greatness. (It’s not all about you, all the time, alas.) Earning your MBA brings you the potential to not only advance your career, but to invigorate the careers of those around you. And the rewards for that, dear friend, are practically unlimited.

At Regis University, our MBA programs blend industry innovation with a values-based, Jesuit education that never emphasizes profits over people. Instead, we cultivate leaders of integrity who think critically, communicate clearly and seek out innovative solutions to complex challenges. You’ll build upon your experience in the workplace and develop more of the skills employers value. That means you’ll be prepared to achieve more, immediately after graduation.

Good news for the time-starved folks among us: even the busiest of bodies have found the means to pursue an MBA at Regis. Combining online and evening classes gives working professionals the flexibility to earn a degree without sacrificing work, family or singing back-up vocals for your Bee Gees cover band.

Ready to see how an MBA can help your career? Talk to one of our helpful admissions counselors or, better yet, start your application today to stay ahead of the curve.

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