March 21, 2019

Mountain Late Onlookers

There’s an old saying that gets kicked around a lot these days, “Nobody works in the same field as their degree.”

For those who find this to be true, there are two sides to that shiny nickel. Either your ambitions change or your career path does. It’s nobody’s fault. It simply happens – like being a platypus. A duck doesn’t set out to be a beaver. A beaver certainly doesn’t aspire to become a duck. Yet, here we are in a world full of platypuses.

There are plenty of straight-shooting careers that some graduates jump right into after college. Nurses. Biologists. Chemists. The world is a better place for having them in it.

But for others, when it comes to choosing a master’s degree, sometimes the right program to match what you’re doing, or what you aspire to do, just doesn’t exist.

That’s why Regis started our Master of Arts program. For those who’ve found a calling that’s unlike anything else out there, it’s an opportunity to take your education and credentials to a higher level of understanding and professionalism. It’s a chance to utilize Regis’ resources to design a curriculum that’s as unique as your vision, your passion and your future.

With this approach to an adaptable education, Regis students are earning graduate degrees in areas like the Sociology of Sustainability, Psychology of Social Media, Creativity and Innovation, and Storytelling in the Modern Age. Each degree is unique, but designed to meet the needs of the modern working world.

Let’s raise a mug to the duck-billed spirit animal of bucking tradition in favor of blazing a trail. Let us offer a salute to our web-footed wonder as a proud example of how our talents, no matter how unique, are perfectly suited to who we are and where we want to go.

May you embrace your inner platypus. Because no matter how fanciful your dreams might be, our Master of Arts program can help them become a reality. Learn more about our customized graduate program, or if you’re ready to begin, start your application today. 

Even a platypus can use some help. Find out how our #RegisInspired scholarships can help you create your own curriculum.