November 15, 2019

Community Service Project

‘Tis the season for annual traditions – and not merely the gift giving kind. Take, for example, the arm-wrestling contest to award rights to the final turkey leg. 


Or the yearly conversation with your beloved uncle, wherein he second-guesses your life choices with the inevitable, pity-filled question, “You still with the noble nonprofit thing or you finally get a regular job?” 


At this point, you might calmly smile and defend your career to the naysayers. Alternatively, you could try something different, such as channeling that doubt and misunderstanding into inspiration. 


It’s easy for others to question your work when they haven’t felt the rewards. It’s easy for them to express the misguided notion that working for a cause instead of chasing the corporate ladder is foolish. Actually, the world is quite lucky to have people like you. Very few can rise to the task of a nonprofit career—you possess something genuinely unique that ought to be cherished. Let that doubt fuel you and reconfirm the decision to work for a higher cause. 


Next time you’re confronted with doubt, explain why you got into the field in the first place. You could mention how the rewards for making a real difference to people’s lives are immeasurable. Or you could explain that giving isn’t just a once-in-a-year event; that it takes devotion to a cause to work for it every single day. And how, with the experience you have, there isn’t a “regular” job in the world that you can’t handle. 


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