April 20, 2016

It’s only fitting to begin an article about careers in data and analytics with some analytics about careers in data. Without further ado, according to a Harvey Nash survey of global Chief Information Officers (CIOs), big data and analytics are the fastest growing in-demand skills – almost six times higher than the next skill on the CIO wish list. And, nearly six in ten CIOs feel that a shortage in technology skills will prevent their business from keeping up with the pace of change.

CIOs are certainly feeling the pinch – and companies across nearly every industry are paying big bucks to fill demand.

Naturally, you want in. Or, you’re looking to move up to a senior level position. Ask yourself the following questions to see if you’re fit for a role in big data:

  • What skills do I need to work in big data? Database management, data warehousing and database design are all solid skills to have. Experience with general programming languages, like Java, C++ and Python are a major plus. If you have a background in statistics or an undergrad degree in a field like math, then you have the analytical mindset covered. Finally, if you’re familiar with a technology like Hadoop, it’ll put you in even bigger demand.
  • What kinds of people work in big data? Most of the folks that succeed in big data are natural problem solvers, with a deep curiosity to learn. You’ll need to be forward thinking and a self-motivator, always seeking new ways to take on a challenge. With data taking over the driver’s seat in many businesses, communication skills are a major must-have, as you’ll be working closely with other departments outside of IT.
  • What are some in-demand roles in big data? From Data Analyst, to Data Scientist, Developers, Data Warehouse Analysts and Information Architects – the list is lengthy and diverse. Here’s a list of eight in-demand roles from CIO.com.
  • What degree should I have? A bachelor’s degree in an area like computer science or information technology is required. Many employers are also looking for related work experience, or a master’s degree in in a field like Software Engineering, Database Technologies or Data Science.

If you’re looking to fine-tune your data skills and strengthen your leadership abilities, Regis University has a program that’ll prepare you for a role in big data. Classes are offered in rolling 8-week formats and they meet online, or on-campus. Get started on your application, or get in touch with an admissions counselor for more information.