December 11, 2015

The holiday season is here, and no matter our beliefs or values, there’s something about exponentially increasing our food intake that elicits the generosity to smile at a stranger and donate at the sound of a ringing bell. The more we layer our flannels, the more we’re reminded that though the weather is growing colder, our hearts are somehow warmer. ‘Tis the season for kindness, and therefore, ‘tis the season for gift shopping.

However, while you may be selflessly making lists of what to buy for your third cousin and that weird aunt who looks you right in the eyes as you try her terrible cranberry sauce, dare we mention it, what about your wish list? Is there anything besides a new pair of Isotoners that’s been weighing on your mind? Something bigger. Something far too special to jot down among a list of things like Glade Plug-ins and beard oil.

What about the gift of an education?

We know. It’s cold, you’re busy, and making a major life change isn’t a priority, yet every year, it’s the same thing –

“If only I made more money.”

“If only in could move up in my career.”

“If only I could finally find a job I really love.”

“If only…”

Nevertheless, you know that taking action will require schooling, whether it’s to finish your degree or take your very first college class – but you’re ready. At Regis University, our passion is to educate people of all ages to make a positive impact as they live purposefully. And there’s no time like the present to get started.

To learn more and apply, simply fill out the form on the right side of this page, or dial 1.800.944.7667. With all the love and generosity you’re giving this time of year, don’t forget to spare some for yourself.

Happy Holidays. Be nice to your mom.