CCLS Student Spotlight: Jennifer Britt, Life Architect

December 05, 2014

Jennifer Britt’s walk to receive her Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree diploma from the Colorado Springs Regis University campus is just around the corner. Having transferred from Pike’s Peak Community College, a partner of Regis’ associates to bachelor’s transfer program, she was recognized on the President’s Honor Roll several times and is currently on track to receive the honor of Magna Cum Laude this spring.

While Jennifer excels in academia, her connection with Regis runs much deeper. Her values are congruent with Jesuit values and she feels that her experience has consistently challenged her to think of herself, “as a global citizen who understands that we are all interconnected,” said Jennifer, “through our friendships and relationships, the organizations in which we work and volunteer, the communities in which we live, work and play, and the planet that we share with all other sentient beings. Each of us has an impact and we are each here to serve in our own unique way.”

As with many CCLS students, Jennifer holds down a full-time career while earning her degree. She is the Director of Marketing at Unity Spiritual Center in the Rockies, and also owns and operates her own business as a Life Architect. For several years, the focus of her work as a life architect has been to help people design and build their lives according to their values, goals, dreams and aspirations.

In the fall of 2013, she realized that it was time that she was the recipient of life architecture. Jennifer temporarily interrupted her education when she answered a calling to go to Costa Rica. She courageously gave up all of her worldly belongings to move there and live for two and a half months. It was a life changing experience where she lived in a cabina on a cafetal (coffee farm) in Sarchi. She found herself on a journey of personal growth, peeling herself like an onion and discovering an inner self that had been hidden. Jennifer’s gift to herself may be the greatest gift she ever received.

Jennifer still gives of herself unconditionally. She is an Ordained Interfaith Minister and frequently offers spiritual counseling on a pro-bono basis, is in the process of becoming a vigil volunteer with Pikes Peak Hospice and after graduation will begin writing a book she has wanted to write for years. She will also complete her Senior Capstone project this summer by facilitating a complimentary webinar for women between the ages of 35 to 55 who have experienced difficult or traumatic life experiences that are blocking them from achieving their dreams, goals and aspirations.

After graduation, Jennifer is considering the idea of moving in the direction of working internationally in the arena of intercultural conflict resolution with a focus on peace building, or intercultural training for people entering new cultures. 

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