How Regis Celebrates Earth Day Every Day

Happy Earth Day everyone! As people around our globe dedicate this day to appreciate all that is Mother Earth and how we can best preserve her gifts, Regis University sees sustainability practices as a center part of our Jesuit Mission. Our programs focus on reducing our footprint and encouraging community awareness and practices on a daily basis.

“The sustainability movement mirrors Regis’ Jesuit values. What’s good for the earth is good for people. To be sustainable is to be men and women for others beyond us, in our future,” said Caroline Locke, RC ’13, director of the RUSGA Sustainability Committee.

In addition to earning membership in the United States EPA 2014 Green Power Leadership club for the fifth consecutive year, our sustainability practices include:

  • Trust the Tap - filtered tap water in every building to reduce reliance on plastic bottles and support healthy living.
  • RU Bikes – free bike program sponsored by Wellness & Recreation.
  • Bus Pass Program - providing students with free bus passes.
  • Community Garden – operated by the university’s Environmental Science department, it offers a chance for students to learn by doing in growing their own food.
  • Recycling Education – tips provide guidance for students and staff on the habit of recycling.

Learn more about ways that “Green is Good” on this Earth Day.