New Direction for Principal Licensure at Regis University

By Deborah Brown

We are pleased to announce a major “re-imagining” of our Principal Licensure program. Dr. Robert Spagnola and a consultant team comprised of Mr. John Barry, Ms. Debbie Brown and Dr. Dan Burke have developed a new program that combines the hands-on application inherent in many alternative licensure programs with the rigor and philosophical foundation of a traditional principal preparation program. The model for the new program includes elements of competency based education and best practices gleaned from the Interstate School Leadership Licensure Consortium Standards (ISLLC), Colorado Department of Education Quality Principal Standards, 21st Century Skills and reviews of the top universities around the country. As a result the new Educational Leadership master’s degree program (ELP), launching in January, is an innovative, unique model that supports the needs of 21st century adult learners. Learners in ELP may be exempt from up to two competencies in each course by providing work artifacts and letters of support from supervisors that provide evidence of mastery. The Regis ELP model allows learners to set a pace for learning that supports individual learning needs while staying connected to a learning community and engaging in the identified program domains.

ELP is based on eight program domains (courses), three hands-on internship/consultancy experiences, four leadership seminars, and an area of emphasis. These program domains are intentional in the integration of our Jesuit values, a foundational element of Regis University’s unique approach to teaching and learning.

The eight program domains are:

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Instructional Leadership
  • Community and Communications Leadership
  • Human Resources Leadership
  • Educational Policy and Organization Leadership
  • Fiscal Leadership
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Data Literacy and Assessment

The ELP delivery model is a blended cohort format (partially face-to-face and partially online) with the opportunity to complete Colorado requirements for principal licensure in just 12 months. To complete the master’s degree, learners will complete one of three nine-credit emphasis areas: Organizational Politics and Performance, School Executive Leadership, or Teacher Leadership.

The re-imagined Educational Leadership Program at Regis University will have a major impact and influence high quality leaders with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to navigate successfully in 21st century school leadership roles.