July 01, 2015

“Live a life of moral conviction, one that seizes every opportunity to make a difference in the world.”

-Father John P. Fitzgibbons, S.J., Regis University president

When you head back to school to get a degree or finish a degree you’ve already started, career improvement is typically a motivating factor. And it certainly should be. A bachelor’s or master’s degree will put you on track to:  

  • Start a new role where an undergraduate or graduate degree is required
  • Advance your career and take on a leadership position
  • Earn a bigger paycheck

There’s no doubt the skills you’ll develop will position you to take your career to new heights. And when you study at Regis University, you’ll also be asked to think critically about the world around you, exploring big-picture questions like, “how ought we to live?”

Will it be challenging? Absolutely. But it’ll also be worthwhile.

Adult learners at Regis seek to improve their own lives and the lives of the community around them. Developing the mind is certainly a part of this. We also ask students to take interest in developing the body and spirit and dedicating themselves to promoting human dignity. It’s a way of exploring the world through our Jesuit values. And it’ll enable you to become a leader that strives for more and places yourself into the service of others in need.

And whether you’re studying to be a nurse, an educator or a marketer, compassion is a trait that’ll set you apart from your peers.

By transforming your own life, you’ll be prepared to act to change the lives of others around you. Are you ready to make a difference in the world?