July 01, 2015

A fortune cookie can tell you that marriage is all about communication and compromise. Solid advice, but not very actionable. What you need is a game plan. 

When you’re committed, it can be challenging to make school fit into your relationship. A degree will help improve your lives together, but how do you pursue it without making your partner feel like a third wheel?

At Regis University, our job is to make school flexible so it works well with busy lives. Our online courses and accelerated programs let you pursue a degree on your terms. Your job is to use that flexibility to your advantage so you can get your degree without upsetting your martial life. Here’s how you’ll do just that:  

Make the decision together. School is a big decision, so involve your spouse early on. Go through the search and application process together. It’ll help ensure the two of you are comfortable with the idea of school.

Be a team player. Don’t expect your spouse to take care of all cleaning, cooking and yard work – pitch in after class or on study breaks.   

Devote time for each other. Commit to an evening per week together, or to always eat dinner as a family.

Be your spouse’s biggest fan. Remember to say thanks and show appreciation for the person who’s supporting you. You’re achieving this together – a degree will improve both of your lives and it’ll take two of you to get there.  

You can be an outstanding spouse and student. Inquire today to see how our flexible programs will help.