April 08, 2015

Students reading a magazine

Your stacks of cash are finite. With a mortgage (or rent), car payments, cable bills and daily coffee, your income is accounted for. When you add going back to college into the mix, how do you stretch your money to cover the cost of school and … life?

Winning the lotto is a long shot. And you could sell all your stuff, downsize your living quarters or try hand-knitting your clothing. But those aren’t exactly desirable options either.

At Regis University, our adult learner students find that the reward of a degree and the impact it’ll make on their life is more valuable than the price of tuition. But tuition does come with a cost. And finding ways to stash a few Benjamins every week can make a huge difference. Here’s how:

  • Audit your bank statement and see where you splurge. Making coffee at home and bringing lunch to work can save you $8 to $10 a day. That’s nearly $200 a month.
  • Trim your cable, internet or phone plans. It’ll save you a considerable amount of money, plus you won’t have time to binge-watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix anyway.
  • Keep the car in park. Share a ride, opt for public transportation or hop on a bike to save on gas and car maintenance.
  • Consider taking it slow. Try a class or two per term to get started. You’ll still be working toward your goal, but at a pace your wallet can handle.

Financial aid is always an option, but putting away a little cash is achievable for just about anyone. And it’ll minimize your debt when you graduate. That’s good for your bank account and your future. Get in touch with an admissions counselor and learn how Regis can help you make the financial aspect of college feel less burdensome.