July 23, 2015

If you feel like you can’t relate to kids these days, specifically the ones occupying your living room, you’re hardly alone. Your parents fared the same, and theirs before them. True, they never had to contend puzzlingly with Snapchat or WhatsApp, but you had obsessions as a child that left your elders bewildered too.

You obviously want the best outcomes for your kids. But if you’re having trouble putting yourself in their shoes, you could try taking a closer look at yourself first.  

A simple way to start – take stock of your own habits. It’ll show your kids that you, too, are still growing as a person. Maybe it’s little things, like eating healthier and exercising more. Or big picture, like finding a new job that excites you or earning a higher degree. Show your children you’re committed to improvement, and you’ll inspire them to follow suit.

Once you’ve picked your area(s) of refinement, teach them about dedication. And moderation. Whether it’s jogging or grad school, show them how to find a healthy balance so you’re working toward a goal, but not sacrificing everything to meet it. For instance, students at Regis University use our online courses and rolling start dates to help them manage school and studying without surrendering every moment of family time.

Lastly, work together as a family and be dependable. Show your children that you’re here for each other, and they can rely on you. It can be as simple as cooking dinner together or setting aside an hour of family study time every night.

Set the bar for your kids by leading with your own behavior. What’ll you improve in your life that’ll motivate your children to do the same?