Work and school. Words of wisdom from someone who’s there right now.

June 26, 2015

Chelsea Wittenbaugh believes education is the key to overcoming big issues like prejudice and hate.

She also believes she has an obligation – both to society and herself – to maximize her full potential. It’s a big part of why she decided to go back to school at 35.

“When I started working full-time, I lost sight of my education,” said Chelsea. “I lived to pay the bills and take nice vacations. I took two years off to work overseas in the US Antarctic Program. When I returned to the US, I fell back on my previous experience to get a job I already had, rather than using a degree to move forward and get the job I wanted.”

Chelsea enrolled at Regis University in and is working toward her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts with a minor in Psychology at Regis University. Along with school, she works full-time as an executive assistant at a start-up software company. By being organized, she’s found ways to fit work and school into her life.  

“With a full-time job, I can only commit to one class at a time, so I’m taking it slow. Fortunately, I have a supportive and understanding boss who honors my schedule and is flexible with my work on the days I have class. And organization is key. When I was younger, I took typing classes and attended Stephen Covey’s ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ workshop to learn how to prioritize by urgency and importance.”

Chelsea took the time to carefully consider her options and whether college was the right choice for her before selecting Regis. She developed a clear degree plan and made sure Regis offered the courses she wanted to focus on. Her organization skills have helped her make time to focus on her coursework while juggling a busy job.

“I try to fit my homework and reading into my schedule every day. It’s a lot easier to manage an hour a day than trying to cram it all into one weekend. And I always go to class! Showing up is vital. Never be afraid to ask professors for help or clarification.”

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