November 10, 2015

For many, an MBA is often the best injection of inspiration, knowledge and network at a time when it’s needed most. It’s like drinking a good beer at a really high altitude. It’s potent, effective and the perfect refresh at the right moment.

But in business, saving the planet usually isn’t in the prospectus. When we’ve made the MBA decision, we’re all business, all the time.

So when the elevator to the boardroom closes, our responsibility as a citizen of the world often gets dropped in lieu of a path to our profession.

For those more community-minded, there are opportunities to use our professional powers outside the office. But rarely do we get to guide our careers towards ethical and sustainable solutions for humankind while being professionally successful at the same time.

Our superhero capes get caught in the elevator door. We’re left with the decision: help my planet or help my career.

But the choice doesn’t have to be exclusive.

At Regis, our Jesuit roots give us a unique approach to business. As we question the modus operandi of our world and our lives, our approach to finding a better way comes through in every program we offer. When it comes to business, our students learn from a worldview centered on ethics and social responsibility.

As students tackle real-world problems from a Jesuit prospective, they learn to approach ideas creatively, effectively and ethically. Today, the value of any brand or business no longer lies in profits, but in consumer perspectives as well. Because value is no longer built on sales, not all returns are found on the bottom line. Just ask a certain German automaker.

If you’re ready to lead a business to a better future and help create a better world, your first step is filling out the form right on this page.