November 09, 2015

Good night, sleep tight.
Wake up bright,
In the morning light
To do what's right
With all your might.

There’s an odd dynamic with nursery rhymes. A message of optimism to lull a child to sleep, spoken by someone with too much on their mind, keeping them awake.

As a parent, you’re a frequent visitor to lullaby land. But you’ve got commitments that keep you grounded. The daily grind has kept you from dreaming and chasing a new beginning as a child would.

For many, going back to school is that opportunity. A way to reignite your passions; to find a way to earn a living doing what you love. But how’s a parent ever supposed to go back to school?

One way is by adopting a different mindset and filling yourself with the optimism of a child.

The truth is there will never be a good time to go back to school. But there will never be a better time to go back to school, either. Tricycles turn into training wheels. Training wheels turn into driver’s ed. If you wait until it’s their turn to earn a diploma, you may have missed your own morning light.

So study while they sleep. Do your homework together. Take it slow if you need to, commit to one course and promise yourself to keep going. Ask for help – from family members, friends and coworkers. Be the shining example that your children already know you are. Lay your fears to rest and think not, “how will I ever do this?” but “what will my children think if I don’t ever try?”

Take on every day with the eagerness of a child and you might just change the world. It’ll just take one step to start; you can begin by just filling out the form on this page.