November 09, 2015

When our favorite portable meal comes together properly, our eyes roll into our head, the knees weaken, the stomach surrenders and the hands go back for more.

We’re talking about the power of a darn good sandwich - The bliss that comes from the crisp first bite of smoked meats, crisp veggies and farm fresh cheeses between two slices of freshly baked bread.

But to appreciate the power of a good sandwich, picture life without one.

Imagine suffering through a sandwich drought, living life in a hoagie-less haze for years. As others around you munched the midday away, you were forced to forgo.

Truth be told, millions of Americans find themselves in this situation every day. They’re living lives without sandwiches, without basic needs and without homes.

Here in Denver, Regis students are doing something about it. Thanks to Monsignor Charles B. Woodrich, better known as Father Woody, students are helping homeless citizens find the simple joy of a sandwich since the '80s. Though Father Woody passed on, our students, teachers and faculty carry on this tradition every single day.

That’s why a degree in Humanities & Social Sciences from Regis is more than learning about helping others. It’s doing the hands-on help. From our Jesuit roots to our daily deliveries to shelters, our devotion to humanity is sliced nice and thick.

Because beyond the veggie, vegan or carnivore creation we build between two slices, there’s a kindness between the bread. What’s really in there is the power to make a real difference. It’s the taste of humanity. And no matter which way your cold cut loyalties lie, every sandwich we make is truly going to be good.

If you’re ready for a heaping helping of serving up some good, the first step starts by filling out the form on this page.