November 04, 2015

Much like liberating honey from a honey badger, there’s a good way to do this and a bad. The good way has its sweet, sweet rewards. The bad could come with regrets and a few scars that’ll require immediate attention.

Before you knock on the big boss’ door to ask for help advancing your career, take a few of these tips with you.

Know What’s In It For Them

Put yourself in their shoes. You gain an education. They pay for it. Acknowledge their fears but frame it within company goals. Tie your potential classes to your professional responsibilities and the new opportunities you’ll be able to tackle. Look ahead to new things you can accomplish and how that’ll help the company.

Take Them To School

Do your research and subtly sell the school to them. Share curriculum, the school’s online learning approach, their alumni network and whether they’re affiliated with any well-known organizations. Show how it can help both you and your company.

Be a Professional

This isn’t a chat for the water cooler. Schedule a meeting. Practice in front of a mirror. Familiarize yourself with their reimbursement policies. Everybody loves pie charts, right? Heck, maybe bring actual pie. The more prepared you are, the closer you’ll be to a “Yes.” If they say “No,” be prepared for that, too.

It’s Business Time

Not many bosses like the idea of anything distracting you from work. Do an inventory of the commitment required. Look at how much time you’ll have outside of work to do the necessary coursework. If you’ll need to leave early for class, talk about how you’ll come in early to accommodate your workload. Make a plan to balance work and school and then pitch it to your employer so they’ll know you’re not dodging your responsibilities in the office. Remember that classes are temporary, but the knowledge you’ll gain will benefit everyone in the long run.

Just because educational opportunities weren’t in your orientation doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility. Many companies encourage this sort of commitment and have reimbursement policies in place. If you can convince your boss that this is your last stop on the career choo-choo train, both of you just might be riding the rails to Happytown.

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