October 05, 2015


For a lot of people, the college search process resembles that moment when a teenager is learning to drive a clutch. There are abrupt lurches forward, and awkward, screeching halts. Followed by even more abrupt lurches forward. This may seem like chaos at first, but there’s a good reason for it: The universe is telling you that something significant is taking place.

Is there a way to shift smoothly through the gears of this process, while treating it with the deference it deserves? Indeed there is. Here are a few helpful, time-tested suggestions:

  • Ask questions – lots of them. Most schools have pretty websites these days, but what will your day-to-day experience be like? Will you be learning from actual professionals in your chosen field? Will you have the option of multiple start dates and online learning? The best place to ask questions is in person, by the way, so consider a campus visit.
  • Ease off the accelerator – don’t rush the process. The decision to go back to school is huge. Deciding where to attend is equally important, and shouldn’t be rushed. It’s better to spend a few months finding the right school than to spend a number of years attending the wrong school.
  • Be honest with yourself. Forgive us if this sounds mystical or unscientific. Where important decisions are concerned, your heart is usually clued into important things you may not outwardly realize. Highly intelligent beings often process information on a subconscious level. That means your gut is oftentimes ready to offer you an informed opinion before your brain. Shhh, just listen.

We know full well that Regis University isn’t the right fit for every single student. (Good thing, or this place would be seriously overcrowded.) We support the idea of students making the right decisions for themselves, even if that means many will take their higher learning goals elsewhere.

Now, speaking of asking questions. If you want to fire a few at us, we’re ready. You can contact one of our helpful admissions counselors, or call us at 800-388-2366.