September 22, 2015


Miss Colorado just got everybody talking about nurses. Kelley Johnson, a Miss America contestant, spoke passionately about a defining moment in her nursing career during the talent portion of this year’s pageant. Donned in scrubs and a stethoscope, she delivered a two-minute monologue about an Alzheimer’s patient who made her realize that she’s much more than just a nurse. She’s an instrumental part of his care.

Some critics were misinformed about what nurses actually do (and wear to work) and mocked Kelley’s speech. They apologized, but not before the comments caused a swell of pro-nurse conversation and got the hashtag #nursesunite trending.

Kelley got people talking about the critical role nurses play in our health care system. Thinking that nurses simply support M.Ds is a misguided opinion. Nurses save lives. Highly educated nurses can lower mortality rates in hospitals. They improve conditions and practices in hospitals, particularly graduate- and doctorate-prepared nurses that have the training and leadership abilities to impact real change.

The message about nursing needs to change. Nursing isn’t about waiting for a doctor to give orders. It’s bringing our health care system into the future. Serving communities. Healing patients with compassion. At Regis University, we’re inspired by nurses who’ve made a commitment to patients and to their profession. Fill out the form to start a conversation with an Admissions Counselor today.