Matthew Fete (pronounced fate) admits there’s a good chance he’s the only interim dean in the state or region who has a mohawk.

“I was a little nervous that I may have to cut it when I took this job,” said Fete, who took over as the interim Dean of Pharmacy in August. “But in talking with people, they said not to worry about it. They encouraged me to be myself.”

Fete, who enters his ninth year at Regis University, is a former punk-rocker, turned scientist, turned academic. He sat down with Regis Today to discuss his new role, his plans for the School of Pharmacy and where you can find him outside of work.

Tell us about the new role?

When I got the offer, I went from having anxiety to excitement. When I accepted it, I realized it entailed a lot of communication, meeting with people, and making informed decisions for the good of the School and University. I feel I’m pretty good at those things. I realized that I can do this, and where I can’t do something, I’ll rely on the strengths of other faculty. I want transparent communication and inclusive decision making. I’ll rely on the skills of everyone to lead.

You’re a scientist by profession, and spent years in the private sector. Why stay in academia?

There are a few things academia provides. It’s an opportunity to create your own dream job. Since I’ve been here, I’ve coached the lacrosse team, taught in the classroom, taught in the brewing program and now assumed a leadership position. Academia provides so much diversity in work.

When you’re not in the classroom where might we find you?

I mountain bike as my reset. When I talk to someone with aggravation instead of collaboration, I know I haven’t been on my bike. I also love hiking and camping with my wife and kids. I also have chickens and bees and love being in my garden – especially in the summer when I can get home at 6 p.m. and still have a couple hours in the garden. I also love doing things myself. My wife describes me as cheap but resourceful.

Posted August 31, 2018