In the fall of 1968, the first class of Regis women arrived on campus. The arrival of women — it marked the first time women could live on campus —  caused concerns for the cherished traditions and embedded power structures on campus. 

“The Regis College community didn’t reflect society as a whole before it was coed,” said Michele Bleckley, administrative assistant to the dean of the Library. “The 1968 editions of the student newspaper, the Brown & Gold, show the consequence of that limited world view. As we continue to be more and more inclusive in our student body, our world view continues to expand, making us better scholars and stronger people.” 

To celebrate 50 years of women on campus, the Dayton Memorial Library presents the exhibit “Brown & Gold: Here They Come” featuring advertisements, stories, pictures, yearbook and publications from the late 1960s to provide a snapshot about the societal attitude toward women 50 years ago and how Regis settled into a new normal with men and women on campus. 

“This exhibit reflects the atmosphere that women joining the Regis community needed to manage and overcome,” Bleckley said. “It helps us reflect on progress made and challenges that our whole community should recognize.” 

“Brown & Gold: Here They Come” is now open in the Fireplace Lounge inside the Dayton Memorial Library and will run until the end of September. 

Posted August 30, 2018