someone walking on campus with a laptop

At September’s Regis town hall meeting, called to address the recent University-wide cyberattack, Mohamed Lotfy was listening. What he heard prompted him to act.

“I [heard] some of the people, and some of their questions showed an anxiety,” he said. “I sensed we needed to do more to educate people.”

Lotfy, an associate professor who has spent 23 years in Regis’ CCIS department, realized at the town hall that Regis faculty and staff were hungry to learn about network safety. So Lotfy enlisted his fellow CCIS faculty members to launch the Cybersecurity Lunch and Learn series, featuring five one-hour sessions from late October through December.

The sessions, taught by Lotfy and fellow instructors Steve Kirkman, Mike Busch and Rick Cisneros, tackle topics from web security and VPN to virus defenses and infections.

“[In CCIS] we educate all our students — master’s and undergrad — but we also have to go in and help educate our faculty and staff across the institution,” Lotfy said.

Lotfy’s goal for the series is to make people aware of the obstacles to a clean system, and to help them learn how to mitigate those threats. He also hopes to teach web users about the information they’re sharing online. Even reputable websites and apps, Lotfy said, can gain access to large amounts of personal data without users’ knowledge.

“People have to understand how to be more vigilant, because some of these apps and other things can do some harm,” he said.

When users understand networks and network safety more fully, Lotfy says, they are contributing to the health of the entire network.

Lotfy hopes to offer a similar series in the spring that focuses on using mobile devices safely.  

See below for individual session descriptions and times. Lotfy encourages faculty and staff members to bring personal laptops to the sessions. All sessions take place in Claver Hall, Room 410.

Safe Browsing and Basic Web Security (Mohamed Lotfy), October 22

Virus Protectors and How to Clean an Infection (Mohamed Lotfy), October 29

Wireless Security and VPN (Steve Kirkman), November 12

Secure Business (Mike Busch), November 19

Social Engineering (Rick Cisneros), December 11