Love is in the air.

And on the Regis University Northwest Denver Campus.

The college experience gives us friendships and relationships that often last a lifetime. In honor of Valentine’s Day, “Regis Today” asked students and alumni to share their stories of how they met a significant other or best friend while at Regis.

Below are just a few of the stories, shared via Twitter and other social sites.

Teyanna Lamas, RC ’13, and Sam Lamas, RC ’13

“We met, weirdly enough, because of a bowl of soup,” said Teyanna Lamas. “We both stopped into Carroll Hall, Rm. 220, for Victoria McCabe’s famous soup before a busy day of classes. I saw Sam walk into the room right as I was about to serve myself, and just knew I had to talk to him. The rest, as they say, is history. We got married three years later, exactly to the day we met, on the Regis University campus. Regis has played such a pivotal role in our lives and the lives of the generation to follow us. We are proud to have shared such monumental moments here.”

Kathleen Woodard, RC ’01, and Timothy Woodard, RC ’01

“Class of 2001 and 2005. Married 10 years this May,” said Kathleen Woodard. “I also live across the street from a fellow alumna that also graduated in 2001. Regis forms some strong bonds, and I’m proud to be a Ranger.”

Allison Nguyen, CBE ’16, and Nicholas Nguyen, RC ’15

“Met my husband in University Ministry’s all-staff meeting at the beginning of the year,” said Allison Nguyen. “We ended up having a French class together and the rest is history! We are married and expecting our first baby in June!”

Elizabeth Liberatore, RC ’15

“Both my fiancé and I are Regis alumni! He graduated in 2013 and me, being a super senior, graduated in 2015. We had a crush on each other throughout college and actually didn’t start talking until I moved to Chicago shortly after graduating. Our relationship blossomed from a distance and in 2017, I moved to Denver to be with him (and I missed the mountains, duh). We are planning to get married at Regis in the fall.”

Rowan Waller, RC ’19

“Freshman year, I didn’t like school and I couldn’t seem to find anyone I really ‘clicked’ with”, said Rowan Waller. “During Ranger Week that year, I accidentally ended up on a powder-puff football team with this girl named Megan. She was cute and funny and we instantly clicked. Flash forward a year, we’ve been best friends and even live together. We fell for each other, and I even learned she was a triplet with two other sisters! … Now we all live together and are planning our move to Utah after graduation with our cat Milo. I can’t imagine my life without these girls, and I’m so glad Regis helped us match!”

Photo caption (left to right): Sam Lamas, RC ’13, and Teyanna Lamas, RC ’13