Craig Hale is probably one of the first faces you’ll see when visiting Enrollment Services on the fourth floor of Main Hall. As a campus associate, he fields the everyday questions that University members and the public pose in phone calls, emails, faxes and in person. He’s situated at the first desk on the right in the department that includes Academic Records and Registration, Financial Aid, Student Accounts and Student Services.

Craig was a Regis student before he was an employee – he graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in English, marketing and vocal performance. He has been serving the Regis community in his current position for nearly two years.

Regis Today sat down with Craig to learn more about what drew him to Regis for school, then work, and about his personal interests.

Why did you come to Regis for your undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies?

I was drawn to Regis as an undergraduate because although I’m not Catholic, the Jesuit mission was very appealing. The commitment, not only to a comprehensive and interdivisional education, but also to human values – cura personalis – and introspection about how we interact with the world – how ought we to live – were a huge draw.

I like working here because it’s one of the few places that’s willing to acknowledge that it’s not perfect, but it works toward always trying to become better.

Tell us about your job as an Enrollment Service campus associate – what do you do?

There are eight of us across all four campuses, and we answer the general (phone) line. We also answer questions that come in through faxes and emails, and we receive a lot of “walk ups” – people who walk through the door with a problem or a question. Mostly, it’s sit by a phone and figure out how to help people. We answer the majority of questions that come through the general line. We also have to know where to transfer calls; that’s part of knowing who’s who at the University. Those of us in this position probably have some of the widest knowledge base across the University.

Our bosses listen and they care. What we get from the outside isn’t always positive, so we help each other get through this. We support one another and answer questions in a group chat site. It’s a big team love fest there.

Turnover is probably higher in this position than elsewhere on campus because the job is emotionally exhausting, and my supervisors know it is. They know we can’t do this job forever, and they help us find other positions at Regis to transfer to.

What is something the University community doesn’t know about you?

I host a movie review podcast with friends called “I Want You to Watch This” ( We’ve been doing it for a year and a half. We’re at episode 75, which is a review of “Twelve Angry Men,” a 1957 classic that takes place in one room. It looks staged, like theater.

We try to review movies people may not have seen; we review foreign and “indie” films, comedies and horror – it’s all over the map. It’s fun and really interesting to come at movies from a critical perspective. We’re all amateurs. When we started, none of us knew how to review movies. Now we can talk about how the framing and directing shapes the movie and tells the story. We have a good time.

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