Seven-year-old Chad Martell’s dream was to play in the National Hockey League.

“I went through the ranks of competitive hockey but realized it was going to be quite a stretch,” said Martell, an associate professor in the School of Pharmacy. 

Martell has been with the School of Pharmacy almost from its beginning. We sat down with him to see how he ended up in pharmacy, and what the past nine years have been like. 

What sparked your interest in pharmacy?

I was a psychology major during undergrad, but my focus was in neuroscience. I was always really interested in the brain and the way different chemicals impacted different parts of the brain. So, that's originally what got me interested. Also, as an undergrad, I was a sports medicine intern. I worked with the men's basketball and football teams at CU Boulder. That's where the medicine side of it came in. With pharmacy, it’s really focused more on medications, appropriate use, what they do and side effects. The marriage of those two things is what got me into the field of pharmacy.

You’ve been nominated for the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy “Teacher of the Year” award by students three times. What’s the secret? 

That’s been nice to be recognized by students. But we do team teaching, so a lot of it I have to give credit to the faculty I teach with. I learned from them and pick up things from them. Many of the things we do in class only works if you have experts in various, different fields and you can play off each other's expertise.

What do the next nine years look like for you?

It's been quite an adventure to see things evolve and grow and the program get stronger. It's been really fun to see students graduating and going out and getting careers. I love my job here. I love what I do both in the school and the roles I have with teaching and service. I have a practice site, which is at Bruner Family Medicine Center, which is a teaching clinic at Saint Joseph's Hospital. I'm there about 40 percent of the time. I really have kind of two jobs within my one job, so that keeps things interesting. I'm happy where I am and want to continue doing what I'm doing.