When Allison Ward spent a semester abroad in Scotland last year, she fell in love with the country. 

She also found herself thinking and wondering more about Brexit. 

“I became so invested in it,” she said. 

Ward, a senior who is studying international business, will soon get an up close and personal look at Brexit and how it’s affecting the United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU). 

Ward and 11 Regis classmates will head to Dublin and London for spring break to chat with businesses, professors, students and trade groups to get a better idea of what Brexit means and how it may play out. 

“It’s super cool. We get to go and witness history in the making,” Ward said. “We don’t know how it turns or how it will affect the future of the EU. It’s a pivotal moment we get to witness firsthand.”

The Anderson College of Business is looking to bring more hands-on learning experiences such as this to students. Associate Professor of economics AnaMarie Conley started thinking about the trip a year ago. She partnered with marketing Professor Sharon MacDonnell and the two reached out to their students to determine interest. 
“It’s a broader perspective than they will get in any class,” Conley said. “They’ll hear and see many different angles and perspectives to Brexit. There are so many potential outcomes that can happen.”

The group will visit colleges in Dublin and Europe as well as Enterprise Ireland, an economic development agency. The group also will hear from the Institute of Economic Affairs in London. 

“I want to get a better understanding of both sides of the argument,” Ward said. 

In simple terms, Brexit is the process by which the UK leaves the EU. More than 51 percent of Britain voted in a 2016 referendum to leave the EU. 

Because the UK has been one of Europe’s biggest business and trade partners, the breakup is messy. The deadline for the UK to leave the EU is March 29, but lawmakers aren’t sure how to go about doing that. With the deadline approaching, the UK has explored several different ideas and plans. Watch the Brexit Explained video to better understand it. Or, read the guide to What is Brexit?