Here at Regis, our tight-knit community of graduates shares some unique identifiers that outsiders may not understand. Here are the top 10 signs you may be a Regis University graduate. Can you add any to the list?

Your professors totally called you out for missing class when they saw you at a baseball game later that day.

Here at Regis, you’re more than just student number 543 in a lecture hall of hundreds. That means professors notice if you miss a class.

The sweet smell of pancakes brings back fond memories of finals week.

One beloved tradition celebrated every finals week is an evening pancake dinner, where carb-loading on fluffy breakfast foods fuels late-night study sessions for undergrads.

You follow the Pope on Twitter.


You’ve challenged Father Bart to a beard-growing contest.

You probably lost.

You paid off overdue book fees at the library by bringing in cans of food.

Here at Regis, mission and values play a huge role in every aspect of the student experience. That means that if you’re overdue to return a book, you may get a pass if you return it with some donated goods in hand.

Campus Safety knew you by name – and that was a good thing.

Much like the meaningful personal relationships formed with professors, the folks at Campus Safety become more than just safety stewards; they become friends.

You may have pulled your quad on the Quad.

Whether you wanted to catch a few rays in between classes, have a lunchtime siesta in the shade or toss a Frisbee with some friends, the Quad was (and still is) the place to be.

No matter when you graduated, Main Hall maintains an air of mystery.

In a building erected in 1887, there’s bound to be some urban legends floating around. Which ones have you heard?

Hilltop was way more than just a hill.

Whether it was a place for celebration after finals, a meeting-spot for you and your professors after class, or the spot to gather with close friends after graduation, Hilltop – and now Rocky Top – wasn’t just a bar on the hill.

You care.

Whether you came to Regis sharing the values our University lives and breathes each day, or you honestly had no idea, you left with the values and integrity that only Regis graduates share.