Regis honorary graduate, soldier and World War II war hero Sid Shafner died peacefully on Dec. 26.

Shafner, 95, is survived by his wife Esther, children Elayne, Mark and Alan, and countless nieces, nephews and grandchildren.

Weeks before his passing, Regis University had the honor of inducting Shafner into its chapter of Alpha Sigma Nu. The national honor society of Jesuit colleges and universities recognizes select students and honorary members each semester based on scholarship, service and loyalty to the Jesuit tradition.

“It’s impossible to capture Sid Shafner in 150 words,” said Elisa Robyn, the academic dean for the College of Contemporary Liberal Studies. “But we can try to capture his spirit.”

What a spirit and life Shafner lived.

He came to Regis University to study engineering. But in 1944, before he earned his degree, he was given orders to deploy and serve in World War II. He first went to France, before his unit was sent to Germany.

While in Germany, his unit helped free thousands of survivors from the Dachau concentration camp.

In May of 2016, Shafner was reunited with Marcel Levy at an Israeli air force base. Levy was one of the thousands that Shafner helped liberate. Shafner was there on a 10-day trip through Poland and Israel as part of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces “From Holocaust to Independence” event.

In 2014, Shafner was awarded an honorary degree from Regis.

Robyn said there wasn’t a better person that upheld the scholarship, loyalty and service of Alpha Sigma Nu better than Shafner.

“He has a life lived by the values of Alpha Sigma Nu,” she said.

In lieu of flowers, his family has asked that donations be made to the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces at or to Regis University, at

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