Christina Holden, who earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology in December 2015, wrote the reflection below to share her powerful story and how Regis has helped position her to achieve her dream: giving children struggling in the juvenile justice system a fresh start.

My name is Christina Holden and I am 26 years old. My wonderful husband Kurtis and our 5-year-old son Riley are my world and I would do anything for them. My son Riley is actually the main reason I decided to go back to school, but my story begins a couple years before that happened.

In July of 1999, I was put into the foster care system because of an abusive home life. I was lucky though, because for the entire time I was in the foster care system, I was only in one home: The Carr’s. They provided all of the things that a child needs to grow and develop, including stability. As I grew older, I realized that many other foster children don’t get that experience and instead take a very different road in life sometimes leading to drugs and crime. and I decided that I wanted to do something about it. My first dream was to help the victims of abuse like me by becoming a detective.

The first time I went to college at a state school straight out of high school, I majored in criminology and psychology with minors in Spanish and communications. But I dropped out in 2009 because I couldn’t balance everything.

In early 2010, I decided that I wanted better for my life. I decided to go back to school again and follow my passion: helping children who are struggling in the juvenile justice system get a new start. I eventually found my way to Regis, which is where my foster mother had gone. I liked that I could take night classes on campus and the Jesuit values the University is centered around resonated with me and what I wanted out of life.

Through many of my classes at Regis University, I found myself inspired. Professor Shelly Clubb helped me understand just how much I could accomplish at the master’s level. Dr. Anna Floyd provided a sounding board for my ideas and great advice on how to achieve my dreams. Dr. Kathy Friel’s class on adolescent conflict and personal career helped me to flesh out the best way to go about fulfilling my vocation.

I hope to attend Regis University for my Master of Arts in Counseling beginning summer of 2016 to continue with my goal of helping others.

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