What do you get when you combine a shared love of music and science?

The answer is Model Organisms, a talented rap duo made up of Anjelica Bautista and Alexa Jayne, two Regis College sophomore honor students who are taking music to the next level.  Bautista and Jayne first met during their freshman year. Finding themselves in a lot of the same classes, as well as having a common interest in music, they quickly became friends.

The Regis Music Program provides students, faculty, staff and the community the chance to become inspired through music. One thing that makes this program stand out from the rest is it gives full-time students the chance to take applied lessons or be included in one of the many wonderful music ensembles we have here on campus. Whether you’re a skilled musician or just someone who has a passion for song or instruments, the Regis Music Program has something for everyone.

“When Alexa first told me about the Regis Chamber Orchestra, I was so excited,” Bautista said. “Having both played instruments from a young age, it was great to have an outlet where we could express ourselves without the commitment of a major or minor.”

It wasn’t until a finals week project called “A Celebration of Biology” that their love of music and science really came together.

Channeling their talent and creativity, they decided to write and record a song, as well as produce a music video, which highlighted not only biology, but Regis as a whole.

“We both have been positively impacted by our experiences at Regis so far,” Jayne said. “We felt it was important to tell the story of how we met and our passion for science and music, but also combine that with what makes this University so great.”

Their first single EP which centered around molecular and cellular biology was released in 2015. It was such a huge success, that they decided to produce and release another hit single, this time focusing on neuroscience.

“We didn't expect to get so much support from the students and professors here at Regis,” Bautista and Jayne said. “Dr. James Cline, who we met through the Regis Chamber Orchestra, has been incredible and a huge source of inspiration, often times staying late to help us with our songs.”

Both Bautista and Jayne say that this is just a testament of how wonderful the Regis community is, as well as the opportunities they have been given through the Regis Chamber Orchestra.   

“We want people to know how great this program is, that it is here for them to take advantage of,” Jayne said. “Not many universities have such an amazing opportunity like this.”

To find out all the ways you can express yourself though music, be sure to check out Regis’ Music Program.