Tom Bowie, new Regis College academic dean, shares his vision and experience

Tom Bowie, longtime professor and leader of the Regis College Honors Program, has been named academic dean of Regis College. Bowie’s passion for teaching and mentoring students is surpassed only by his eagerness to lead Regis College and its faculty to better prepare the leaders of tomorrow. Bowie recently spoke with about his experience at the University and his vision for the future.

What gets you out of bed and into work every morning?

It’s the students. Working with such talented individuals is humbling. They truly have the ability to transform not just themselves, but the world. Teaching here gives me the opportunity to help aspiring individuals become more fully realized human beings – that’s noble and holy work.

You’ve led the Honors Program for 10 years. What have you gained from that experience?

Honestly, a richer and fuller life. I’ve worked with many students throughout my career, and our best students are as good as the best students anywhere – they’re on par with Ivy League students. Oftentimes, though, they don’t see themselves that way. They have exceptional grace and humility. They are authentic in every sense of the word, and helping them believe in not only themselves, but their dreams, is enormously gratifying.

What’s one major goal you have as academic dean of Regis College?

I want to foster more integration and collaboration not just within departments of Regis College, but among colleges in the University and with the greater community around us.

Why Regis? What should future students know about this place that makes it so special?

At Regis, we are in the business of formation; the formation of fully realized, deeply thoughtful and caring human beings. We are taking the rich legacy of the Jesuit tradition and translating it into what we do today: preparing students for a life of human flourishing.