5 tips for adults returning to school

So you've decided to return to school for any of the following reasons: to finish your degree, to earn a new degree or to advance your career. Now what? Here are five helpful tips to consider as you prepare to hit the books again.

  1. Calculate the total costs and determine your financial plan
  2. Besides tuition, an adult student needs to consider additional costs such as books. Then consider the many resources available to help. Look into what scholarships you might qualify for and see if your employer offers tuition benefits. If you’re a veteran who qualifies for educational benefits, Regis is honored to help you use them to your best advantage. Regis University Pamphlets

  3. Decide which type of learning format will work best for you
  4. Do you learn better in a classroom or like the convenience of online learning? Regis' College for Professional Studies offers both formats along with accelerated 5 or 8-week terms. For added convenience, students also can change formats from term to term. 

  5. Become a pro at time management
  6. We know you have other priorities in your life, too – maybe a full-time job, a family or other commitments. Before classes start, figure out when you will have time to complete your course work. Also find a place to study that will offer the least distractions to help you maximize your productivity. A home office, local library or even your favorite coffee shop are all great options.

  7. Choose the right degree
  8. Think about how you are going to leverage your learning experiences in the classroom to your current or future job.

  9. Assess your support systems
  10. At Regis, adult students are paired with a friendly academic adviser and have a variety of resources readily available. But it also helps to identify others who can support you, like family and friends or even someone in your class who shares a similar workload.

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