Chelsea Rosales

Chelsea Rosales makes college look easy, despite taking multiple classes while working 40-plus hours a week and raising a couple of children under the age of 2.

Rosales, a 2019 Regis University College of Contemporary Liberal Studies graduate in applied psychology, demonstrates the possibilities for a post-traditional student.

The great part? She says you can do it, too.

“My dad always said people just kind of want things,” Rosales said. “They kind of want to be successful. But people don’t really want it. If they really wanted it, they would do anything. You have to really want it. … This was something that I really wanted.”

Rosales, originally from Georgia, enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 2012. While serving in the Navy, she met her husband, a Colorado native, and started thinking about what she would do when her deployment ended. The couple decided to relocate to Denver. Rosales searched online for the “hardest, most prestigious college” in Colorado. Regis came up.

“It was a good decision,” she said. “I loved all of the professors you could talk to and have personal relationships with. They cared and knew who I was.”

A big part of Rosales’ success was her undeniable resilience to finish. Both of her daughters were born in the middle of a semester. In each case, she made it to class the following week. She said it wasn’t easy and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of her husband, Darian Rosales.

Both worked while attending college courses, so they’d switch off getting up with the children in the morning or studying late. It meant late nights, early mornings and not much sleep.

It also meant a brighter future. The couple recently moved back to Georgia, where Chelsea Rosales is the director of operations for four gyms while applying for graduate programs. Darian Rosales is finishing up his astrophysics degree.

“I think everyone should know they are capable of doing something awesome,” Chelsea Rosales said. “You can be defeated when you look at your situation. You can say, ‘How can I do that?’ But know it can be done. Believe in your own greatness.”