In front of a crowd of students, alumni, faculty, staff and community members in downtown Denver, Regis University President John P. Fitzgibbons, S.J., awarded Sister Marilyn Lacey the $1 million 2017 Opus Prize for faith-based humanitarian work. Lacey founded Mercy Beyond Borders in 2008 to bring dignity to women and girls in South Sudan and Haiti through education and job training.

The $1 million Opus Prize, funded by the Opus Prize Foundation and given in partnership with Regis University, will allow Lacey to endow more scholarships for her students, expand the reach of her programs and grow her staff to help even more women and girls in these impoverished and war-torn nations.

Lacey demonstrates a lifelong commitment to giving hope to those displaced by war and political forces with her decades of work with refugees around the world. To date, Mercy Beyond Borders has helped more than 1,400 women and girls recognize their inherent worth and unique talents.

β€œI felt called by God to help these women and girls who are suffering,” Lacey said. β€œIn serving others, we can find a connectedness, a kinship that leads to binding joy.”

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