Tarik Thomas uses his MBA to build connections between patients and health care providers

From installing telehealth monitoring equipment in remote Alaskan villages to helping veterans find the health care services they need, Tarik Thomas has dedicated his career to helping patients access high quality medical services.

“I’ve been to villages with only 25 to 100 people. There are dirt roads and people are burning their trash. Some people don’t have running water. When you live in Alaska, you can go from the 21st century to a developing country in an hour,” Thomas said. “It makes you appreciate what you have, but it makes you more passionate to provide the services they need. I knew I was providing these patients a benefit.”

In 2011, as he crisscrossed Alaska installing telehealth systems – small monitoring units that allow patients to monitor vital signs and send them to their health care providers electronically – Thomas began pursuing a master’s in business administration with a focus on health industry leadership at Regis University’s College for Professional Studies.

Balancing a full-time job while completing online courses enabled Thomas to work smarter and find more effective ways to complete his assignments – a skill that also serves him well in his job.

“The health care field is fast-paced,” he said. “When you’re on the business end, you’re going from minute to minute.”

Thomas graduated from Regis in 2013. Now working with Veterans Evaluation Services in Venice, Fla., he sees only greater opportunities to provide top-level, quality care in his future.

“Studying at Regis has equipped me with the skills to lead a company to be cost-effective and with an eye on the bottom line, while also ensuring proper processes and staffing to meet the needs of clients.”