We asked three students to share what they learned from their study abroad experience that they hadn’t expected to. Their top five answers are below, all sharing the common theme: Self-empowerment gained.

  1. "I was raised in a traditional Mexican home and was interested in learning about Islamic culture. The women are not suppressed. They’re actually feisty. Polygamy is legal but not really practiced. Women have a lot of rights.” –Iveth Hernandez, senior sociology major, Meknes, Morocco program
  2. "What I've learned from my experiences in Thailand is that I shouldn't really have expectations. An open mind led me to unexpected places, I learned to not worry about everything. Like the Thai say, "Mai pen rai;" do not worry." –Erika Bauermeister, junior nursing major, Bangkok Thailand  
  3. “I had previously heard that Irish people were incredibly nice, but you don’t realize until you’re there. It’s a friendly culture, which was very refreshing and nice." –Kellen Roybal, Regis College alumnus, ’16, Limerick, Ireland
  4. “Learning about refugees in Athens was eye-opening to an extent I didn’t think would be. Being exposed to that opened my world view overall.” –Vera White, junior nursing major, Bologna, Italy program
  5. “Personally, I grew in my beliefs and perspectives on the world, academically I grew in the language I was studying. Culturally, study abroad allowed me to begin the travel itch I've had for a long time and let new experiences become a part of my life." –Allison Karpala, senior neuroscience and Spanish major, San José, Costa Rica program

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