Alumna uses her MBA to shape a positive future for Palestine

A decade ago, the West Bank town of Nablus was best known for producing more suicide bombers than any other city. Since the conflict in the area has subsided, residents like Regis alumna Lana Khalaf have sought to improve lives in one of Palestine’s largest cities.  

Khalaf was finishing her MBA in Management online and working for a large Palestinian telecommunications corporation when the opportunity to lead an innovative new school arose. Encouraged by a group of philanthropists, Khalaf became principal at Pioneers Baccalaureate School, a private academy focused on service and leadership while exposing students to native English speakers.

“My Regis education has really allowed me to help build a strong organization, simply because of understanding strong leadership and management,” Khalaf said. “Our main goal is to combine a focus on English language and critical thinking with a constant push to build students who would want to give back to Nablus and become leaders within Palestine.”

As one of the first schools in Nablus focused on service, Pioneers Baccalaureate School requires its students complete community service like creating community art, cleaning up public areas or volunteering. The importance of service was one aspect of Regis’ MBA program that attracted Khalaf.

“Unlike other MBA programs, at Regis the course work really revolves around serving the community and giving back,” she said. “In terms of management, Regis stresses value-centered leadership, which has helped me focus on how to give back in the workplace and beyond.”