By the time Jake Brockmeyer realized his younger brother Zach had autism and cystic fibrosis, he already knew what his career path would be.

Brockmeyer, who recently graduated from the Regis University School of Pharmacy program, began his first-year residency at the Stanford Children’s Hospital this summer.

Brockmeyer recently sat down with to discuss his residency, his time at Regis and the role his family has played in his career.

How has your brother influenced you?

With my brother Zach, we dealt with a lot of medications and were in and out of the hospital. The pharmacists were always very supportive and nice and explained everything so well. Seeing him grow up with autism and cystic fibrosis has been humbling. I appreciate the life I’ve had, because I can do a lot of the things he can’t.

What has your residency been like?

It’s super intensive. We work 80 hours a week, but ultimately I picked Stanford Children’s because I wanted to work with children.

How was your pharmacy education from Regis?

The team-based learning program is above and beyond. You learn to work on a team. You learn to work with doctors, nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists. That’s the reason I got into Stanford. They saw I’m a team player. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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