Regis sends record number students to 2017 National Undergraduate Lit Conference

Once a year English students are given the opportunity to exhibit their academic and creative prowess at the National Undergraduate Literature Conference (NULC) held at Weber State University in Utah.

Students from all over the nation submit essays, poetry and short fiction in the hopes of being among the 200 or so invited to the conference, and this year a record-breaking 16 of Regis’ best were chosen. Several students had multiple pieces selected to be read and presented to a classroom of their peers. Regis’ Michael Sucharski even got one of his poems published in the NULC journal.

Altogether, Regis University made up approximately 10 percent of the attendees at NULC – and it did not go unnoticed as many of the professors running the individual panels commented on the sheer number of Regis students, as well as how well they presented. Some fell in love (for Michael Sucharski’s poems), some were amazed (Jennifer Weibel and Nicholas Isbell both wrote essays on “Ulysses”), and some were enticed to learn more (Tristian Bryant’s essay on Edgar Allen Poe and eyeballs). It became apparent that something was being done right in our English Department.

"The best part about NULC wasn't presenting my own paper; it was gaining inspiration from students around the country coming forward to share something that matters,” said student and attendee Emily Funk.

Not only is NULC an amazing educational opportunity, but it is also a way for students to bond with one another and network with people from other schools across the country. In the short span of two days, students were able to make bonds for life.

 “I have attended NULC twice, and both times I had an amazing time,” said student and attendee Hayley Lokken. “I love getting the opportunity to meet other English enthusiasts from all over the country while sharing my work. I grow as a Poet every time I present, especially with the help and feedback that I receive at this amazing conference. I still speak to some of the friends that I made while attending the conference my freshman year. I have also enjoyed really getting to know some of my fellow Regis English majors over the course of the weekend.” 

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