Boettcher Scholar ready to embrace Regis’ diverse course work 

Regis University was always Hannah DeKay’s top choice. When she received the prestigious Boettcher Foundation Scholarship, that clinched it.

"I’ve heard good things about Regis left and right,” she said. “It was my No. 1 school pretty much all the way through and once I got the scholarship it was like, 'OK I get to go here.'"

DeKay, from Silverton, a small town in southwest Colorado, is one of the 42 recipients chosen out of 1,400 applicants of this year’s Boettcher Foundation Scholarship, which gives full-ride scholarships to exceptional Colorado high school graduates to attend an in-state school. The idea behind the scholarship: to keep the best minds in Colorado. More than 1,000 students typically apply, and the Boettcher Foundation looks for the students with strengths in academics, leadership, community service and outstanding character.

But what the Boettcher Scholarship also offers its recipients is a tight-knit network of past and present Boettcher Scholars. Some of the Boettcher alumni include a Nobel Prize winner, a MacArthur Genius Award recipient and multiple Rhodes Scholars.

"The Boettcher Scholarship has such a wonderful community of so many alumni and they keep you involved and in touch,” DeKay said. “It’s a really beautiful community to be a part of."

DeKay is planning to study biology at Regis in hopes of becoming a veterinarian, a dream that stems from her love of animals and raising three horses.

A large part of DeKay’s application for the Boettcher scholarship was her project on the history of heavy metal contaminants in a local river in her town, which went on to the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair. And although she believes her passion is in the sciences, DeKay says she looks forward to embracing the diversity Regis offers with its course work and atmosphere.

"I like how Regis requires religion and philosophy and economics," she said. "They require you to take some different things to explore what works for you, what you love and find your passions even though you might think you already know them."

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