5 tips to find and prepare for living with your first college roommate

Living on campus offers many opportunities to develop meaningful friendships, learn about yourself and others, and create lifelong memories. Our Residence Life staff offered the following tips to tackle one of the first major decisions students face when moving to campus: selecting a roommate.

  1. You Can Do It – Within your housing application, fill out your profile questionnaire on your own. Don’t leave it to mom or dad.
  2. Honesty Is the Best Policy – Be as honest as you can about your habits. If you are a night owl and aspire to be a morning person, know that being paired with a morning person won’t automatically change your lifestyle.
  3. Let’s Make a Deal(breaker) – As you build a list of questions to ask prospective roommates, look over the roommate contract and think about what your non-negotiables are.
  4. Dig Deeper – Take the time to really get to know someone you might consider as a potential roommate. Try connecting with them on social media to learn more. Or just pick up the phone for a real conversation.
  5. Hug It Out – Prepare yourself to embrace life on campus as an excellent learning opportunity. It’s a chance to strengthen your communication and problem-solving skills and learn from someone with a different perspective.

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