Talk to Amorette Valdenegro and it’s clear: Her possibilities are endless.

Maybe she’ll do database administration, or maybe she’ll be a software engineer. She craves to travel so she’s applying to rotational programs that would take her across the country and possibly the world. In preparation for her upcoming interview with Google, she is never without information about the technology company to study. She also finds herself intrigued with computer music and algorithmic composition, as certain types of musical patterns can help people with mental disorders.

“I definitely want to help people,” she said.

The opportunity to do that will be there thanks to the versatility of her degree in mathematics and computer science.

But being away from home her family was tough. She was close with her brother and mother and was nervous about leaving her Tucson, Arizona, home.

She credits the Regis community, however, with helping her find her way. It helped restore her faith, made her more comfortable and helped her find her purpose.

Raised Catholic, Valdenegro strayed from the religion when her questions weren’t easily answered. At Regis she got to know several of the Jesuits, many of whom answered whatever questions she had.

“A lot of doubts I had in my belief system were answered by the Jesuits,” she said.

She also found another love: piano. She was never able to take lessons before Regis. Here, she began as a freshman and took them all four years. It helped with stress, relaxed her and refocused her.

The music program is available to all students, faculty, staff and the community. A big part of the program is designed to enrich the learning experience.

Specifically, she said, her work with affiliate faculty member Andrew Lee was profound in her growth.

“It was always there when I needed a break,” she said. “I’m don’t think it was his intent, but he helped me grow in more ways than ever before.”

For Valdenegro, it will be hard to leave Regis. She’ll miss the place where she found herself.

Regis is “awesome,” she said. “It’s awesome to another level. It’s an environment and community at Regis that is willing to help you out.”

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