Pharmacy graduate Jeff Baca 

As the first students to graduate from Regis’ Doctor of Pharmacy program, Jeff Baca and his classmates are ready to make a difference 

Jeff Baca can remember when the seed was planted. He was young. His mother had just gotten open-heart surgery and he was worried about her health. He recalls talking to a pharmacist about his mother’s medication because he wanted to be helpful. He didn’t fully understand the science, but he remembers how the pharmacist spoke to him in a kind, patient manner, and how reassured he felt to be a support for his mother.   

Fast forward two decades – through a stint in the Navy, a new marriage and his first child – and Jeff is set to be the one doling out kindness and Pharmacy graduate Jeff Bacamedical guidance. Earlier this month, he graduated from Regis, one of 50 students in the Doctor of Pharmacy program’s inaugural class.

Jeff believes that the program’s innovative Team-Based Learning model has prepared him well for the next step in his career. He is ready to work on the frontline of the health care field.  

“Team-Based Learning has put me ahead of the curve in terms of communication. I have learned how to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and with different personalities. I have become good at explaining myself clearly and efficiently, a skill that will be essential in working with patients.”

Jeff will have that opportunity soon. He has already been hired and will begin working as a pharmacist in the coming weeks. He is excited about the opportunity to put his skills to use for others.

“I feel called to help people, to serve. That’s what that pharmacist did for me back then. Now it’s my turn.”

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