Ann Giesenhagen

It’s all about heart for Ann Giesenhagen, something you will discover seconds upon meeting her. Born with congenital heart disease, she knew she was meant to help others who also struggled with similar disorders, something her experience at Regis helped her discover. 

Giesenhagen recently shared what attracted her to Regis, her academic focus, the inspiration behind her career goals and her post-grad plans.

What initially attracted to you to Regis? 
While I was applying to other universities across Colorado, most of them large public schools, I was driving home to Fort Collins from Denver with my dad when we heard a radio commercial about Regis. They were advertising, “a small, liberal arts education nestled between Denver and the Rocky Mountains,” but what truly spoke to me was that it was, “the perfect school for someone who is eager to make a difference in the world.” We decided to take a detour and ended up on the Regis campus. The moment I stepped out of the car, I knew that Regis was the school for me. 

What inspired that and your work with pulmonary pediatrics?

My interest in pulmonary pediatrics stemmed from networking with my current cardiologist. He introduced me to a research intern position to help with a high altitude pulmonary edema study. 

What are your post-graduation plans?

Medical school is my ultimate goal post graduation, however I have plans to pursue a graduate degree in public health with an emphasis in global and environmental/occupational health prior to that. I believe that a master’s in public health will help incorporate my ethical philosophy practices as well as the biochemical techniques I have learned as an undergraduate. It is from this experience that I hope to go onto be either a pediatric pulmonologist or pediatric cardiologist.