As a witness to war, alumnus Mike Quering offers a deeply personal link to the past

Mike Quering has seen war up close. Now nearly 90 years old, the World War II veteran was just 18 – fresh out of high school – when he joined the U.S. Army Air Corps. But his memories of the days he spent serving his country as a waist gunner, flying deep into Germany, mission after mission have not faded. They remain crystal clear. Unforgettable. And each time he shares his story, he knows it serves a distinct purpose.

Since 2004, Regis University’s Center for the Study of War Experience has worked diligently to preserve history, one story at a time. It has gathered wartime memories as well as artifacts of not just veterans like Quering, an alumnus of the Regis College class of 1949, but also civilians – ordinary men and women whose lives were shaped by the war experience.

Click below to hear Quering’s story and learn why he feels compelled to share it.

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