Josh Kreimeyer was in the shadows, lost and miserable.

He had been discharged from the U.S. Army following deployment in Iraq, and like many veterans, he grappled to find his place back in the realms of society, even with a position working for the state of Missouri as a security officer.

I was miserable at the security job, he said. But I was the guy that tried to help. I knew there were issues so I said let's talk about this. Through that process I learned about counseling as a field. It felt like one of those clouds-parting moments.

That experience gave him direction. He went on to earn his Master of Arts in Counseling in Missouri, and eventually got a postgraduate Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Regis’ Division of Counseling and Family Therapy.

He also helped develop Regis postgraduate Counseling Military Families Certificate and worked to move the program 100 percent online.

I was drawn to Regis immediately, he said. The Ignatian principles wove in my values, morals and faith. It was OK to talk about those things. I love and continue to do more with Regis. There are always more opportunities to teach and serve more. I'm very passionate.

His work with Regis continues today via a new partnership with the Mt. Carmel Center of Excellence in Colorado Springs that has enabled students pursuing Regis postgraduate Counseling Military Families Certificate to lend their time and talents, while also gaining valuable real-world experience. Mt. Carmel provides transition, wellness and referral services to the area's large number of veterans and their families. Regis students are now providing couples, family, and military counseling on site.

Recently, the Colorado Springs Health Foundation awarded the Division of Counseling and Family Therapy a $50,000 grant. The funding will support the delivery of behavioral health services to couples, children and families at the Center for Counseling and Family Therapy at the Colorado Springs Campus, as well as at Mt. Carmel.

For Kreimeyer, who is pursuing his doctorate in counselor education and supervision through an online program based in Virginia, helping veterans and their families brings his experience full circle, while also expanding Regis footprint in the counseling world.

The collaboration at Mt. Carmel represents the opportunity to serve those who served and their families, and also put Regis' Ignatian principles into action, he said. I am honored and privileged to help in this worthy endeavor and I look forward to all of the healing that will occur through these efforts. Our military families deserve this access to quality care.

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