Drew LaComb isn’t afraid to think differently when it comes to his academic and professional aspirations.

LaComb’s educational path began at Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona where he not only proved his excellence and drive in the classroom, but on the baseball field as well. As captain of his Division II baseball team, he led his fellow teammates to a Junior College World Series win, an act that earned him a scholarship to ultimately play baseball for Regis University.

LaComb had many ideas of what path he wanted to follow in his career once he graduated with his bachelor’s of science degree in mathematics in May 2016. Forever passionate about mathematics — specifically statistics — as well as the game of baseball, LaComb was intrigued on figuring out a way to combine the two. Thanks to a conversation that he had with his undergraduate advisor and mathematics professor Jim Seibert, he discovered a way to do just that.

“Mathematics is not a common area of study for most athletes to pursue, which is why I am trying to take my education and baseball experience to become a sabermetrician, someone whose work focuses on baseball statistics,” LaComb said.

LaComb recently began the next steps in achieving his professional aspirations, enrolling in the Master of Science Data Science program while also serving as the graduate assistant baseball coach. There are so many parallels between the game of baseball and the world of data science, something LaComb hopes will give him a significant advantage.

Excited for what the future may bring, LaComb credits Regis for helping guide him down the path to success.

“Regis was perfect for me; the educational opportunities, the chance to play baseball, the location as well as the strong community base,” he said. “It’s just full of good people whom you want to surround yourself with.”

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